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Dear readers,

With the end of 2nd quarter we are putting an end to our blog.  We would like to thank everyone who turned in an art piece, essay/article, poem, people who voted on songs and participated in the scavenger hunt. We would also like to thank Mr. Kaio and Mr. Pfeifer for allowing us to give announcements during class. We apologize to anyone who didn’t have their piece posted.

Thank you,

Sagarika and Noelle


Do People Believe In The Illuminati

By: Aurora

January 22, 2016


Some people believe the Illuminati is a secret society that does many crazy things for example; kidnapping little kids and sacrificing them to god. The Illuminati was real a very long time ago in 1780 when it was founded. Nobody really knows how it was founded or who the members were, however, the original name of the illuminati was The Owl of Gahoole and the sign of the original illuminati was an owl sitting on a book.

      There are many theories and rumors about the Illuminati that have spread all over the world. Some rumors say that the Illuminati wanted to take over the world like the Nazis wanted to do. Some people say that they are terrorists, some people say that they want to help us, not to destroy us. Many people also believe that some celebrities are part of the of the Illuminati like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Ariana Grande.

If you want to go really deep into proving that the illuminati is real the go to some of the links, here are some videos and things that are about the illuminati :




Weekly Art Piece

January 22, 2016

This weeks art piece was drawn by Sadie. It’s called “Pinkie’s New Method”.

Don’t forget to give your artwork pieces to The Badger Rock Times editors for a chance to be featured!



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Weekly Art Piece

January 22, 2016

This art piece was crafted by Tyrone. It’s called “Frog”.

Don’t forget to give your artwork pieces to The Badger Rock Times editors for a chance to be featured!



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If Snowflakes Were Wishes

By: Sagarika

If snowflakes were wishes

If snowflakes were wishes

I would wish for small chocolates

each with its own distinct flavor

I would wish for flowers to bloom in the middle of winter

with the petals covered in beautiful frost that twinkle in the full moon’s light

I would wish for hope

the most important tool for surviving through the thin

I would wish for more water

the blood of our existence

If snowflakes were wishes

I would wish for rice

to feed the needy and helpless with strength to start anew

I would wish for time

the only thing holding us back

I would wish for medicine

to heal the sick and the wounded

I would wish for knowledge

to know how to solve climate change, economic failures and the loss of earth’s children

I would wish for education

‘cause knowledge is the strongest tool against the world’s biggest problems

I would wish for equality

the backbone of a tight community

I would wish for peace

For every dead body caused by bloodshed is another broken dream to be swept away by time

If snowflakes were wishes

If only snowflakes were wishes





Texans in a Fuss Over New Law           

By: Sadie

January 22, 2016


Texas has passed a new law for the state allowing people to walk around freely with handguns, but when entering a store that sells alcohol, they must show a permit to own the gun to continue shopping. Even places like Walmart and other simple grocery stores have to obey this law now.

Some gun rights activists are in a major fuss about this new law, boycotting stores that don’t allow firearms, saying people should not be punished for exercising their constitutional rights. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the right to own and carry guns.

Others are actually offended by this, how they can’t just walk into a store with their gun in plain sight without being asked some silly question.

However, most gun rights activists are happy, saying now people can protect themselves better, they don’t have to bother with hiding the gun and, anyway, it’s already legal in 44 other states, so why not in gun-loving Texas? For Michael Cargill and Trina Spells, handgun instructors and firearms enthusiasts who both openly carry handguns, they couldn’t wait to take advantage of this new law. While walking into a Walmart in Texas, no one seemed to care that those two were openly carrying guns around. “There are no issues whatsoever,” said Michael. “No one panicked. It’s not a problem.”


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Free The Whales

By: Tahji

January 22, 2016


Imagine, being a killer whale. Roaming around the waters of British Columbia with your family, and one day, that all goes out the window. You are taken from your family by men in ships and put in a bathtub to entertain people for, let’s say, 25 years.  When you don’t behave you are punished. Wouldn’t you be a little psychotic, or maybe peed off! Well this is the life of Tilikum and many other killer whales.

San Diego, California is home to the Seaworld Animal Theme Park and Aquarium. Residence to many marine mammals who live there on a 24/7 basis. Seaworld is an Animal Attraction, Rescue and Conservation Park. Notice that the first word is Attraction! Hey people, you want entertainment, you want to be amused, go watch Netflix! There’s something for everyone, but for those animal lovers out there, listen to my words, no animal should be held captive for your entertainment!

Now, let’s discuss the welfare and treatment of these majestic marine creatures. In the wild, let’s say British Columbia, killer whales live average of 30 to 50 and a maximum of 60 to 70 years for male killer whales and 80 to over 100 years for females, versus a death average of 13 years at Seaworld! And here’s a sad fact, in the wild an orca can swim 100 miles, but in captivity at Seaworld they are left with the equivalent of a bathtub. It would take approximately 1,208 laps around Seaworld’s biggest tank to equal what a wild killer whale would swim in a day. Also, all captive adult male killer whales have collapsed dorsal fins which they shouldn’t have. This is likely because they don’t have enough space to swim freely and are fed an unnatural diet of thawed dead fish, when in the wild they would hunt mammals like seals and penguins.

These are some of the reasons why I, and many people believe that killer whales should not be in captivity, especially not places like Seaworld.

In conclusion, I hope that in the future no killer whale will have to suffer the pain and agony, that so many others have. I hope that killer whales are left to thrive, free and in the wild. I hope no other killer whales will be captured for our amusement.  There’s a minimum of 50,000 killer whales left in the world. This is where they should be!


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Ode to Bacon

By: Sadie


Ah, bacon…

heaven encompassed into one tiny strip.

I want to wrap myself

in your meaty goodness.

A nice, cozy bacon blanket

where I can snuggle and nom.

Some people like it crispy,

I myself prefer chewy,

don’t want my strip to be crumbly,

that’s just screwy.

The taste is salty,

like my sad tears

of when I’m not eating you.

ah, bacon…

the little dish enhancer,

like a superpower only bacon can have.

steak, chicken, pancakes,

all these inferior meats,

add bacon, and instantly

a million times better.

the sizzle

of the frying strips

it calls to me

like a mother

for her wandering child.

I crave one dear thing,

my heart is a-achin’

I must eat it

every time I awaken,

I want but one thing,

and I am not mistaken!

The one thing I want

is sweet.. delicious…






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Scavenger Hunt Third Clue (Week one Jan 21)

Every week we will be holding a scavenger hunt for our homeroom. We will hide a special prize with a person. We will post a new clue and a piece of a password every day. By the end of the week you should have enough clues to figure out where the prize is hidden, and a password to give to the guard.

Here is the third and final clue: The guard wears glasses.

Third and final segment of the password: six impossible things before breakfast!

Good luck!

Update: Congratulation Tony! Thank you for taking time to figure out the password and guard. You deserved the prize!

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The Magic Of A Pencil

By: Quinn


Your pencil hovers over the paper

like a helicopter,

waiting for a clear spot to land.




the helicopter lands.

Gliding ever so smooth over the fields,

picking up after every letter.

Strafing your paper,

sketching a drawing,

slicing clean marks like helicopter blades rotating,

slicing through the air.

As the pencil lands,

you feel a surge of strength and imagination

powering your whole body.

The pencil is a magical thing,

just made out of wood and graphite,

but when I make contact with one

it feels like more than that.

It fills me with endless ideas, imagination,

and joy.

The magic of a pencil is amazing.



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